Churches in Athens

There are many, many more we didn't have time to see during our brief trip to Greece, but here are a few we *did* see!

On the way to the Acropolis you'll encounter The Church of the Metamorphosis, a tiny Greek Orthodox church which is dedicated to the medieval myth that the body of the Virgin Mary never decomposed after death. Some of the mosaics and icons within date back almost one thousand years! In front of the church is the tomb of Odysseas Andoutsos, a martyr of the War of Independence. It's unknown whether he was hung and then dropped from the acropolis or whether he died trying to escape from the acropolis during the war. Either way, his body was flung down from the sacred rock and fell close to the church, where it now rests.

Within the ancient Agora (marketplace), where the Apostle Paul preached (Acts 17:16-17), is the Church of the Holy Apostles. The church was built on the site of an ancient (second-century BC) temple which had been dedicated to the Nymphs. The current building dates back to the eleventh century and is chock-full of more icons and artistic representations dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It also houses numerous motifs and letters imitating old Arabic script, which belies its Ottoman history.