Tyson & Steph's Trip to Greece

We were fortunate enough to steal a week's vacation from The 'Zon and decided that we'd hit Athens and Crete, the former for the sites and the latter for the beaches. :) We spent three nights in Athens, bumped over to Crete for two and then wound up in Athens again for our last two nights. Next time, we'll probably do things a bit differently and take a seven- or ten-day tour of the islands.

Greece was a wonderful experience. Seeing all of the sites we'd both heard and read about was crazy. The people are perfectly marvelous and the food is phenomenal... and healthy! Relaxing in the low-thirty-degree heat, sipping a drink in one of the many cafes in The Plaka, really "hit the spot". ;P

Here are some pics from our experiences...

Tyson & Steph on the Acropolis