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Bear Lake, July 2006
Through Yellowstone, even!
Elk On the River
Same Elk on the River
Elk Herd
More Elk Herd
Coyote Spots Something
More Coyote
Mmmmm... Sulfur....
A Nice Warm Respite on a Cold Day
Yummy Mud
Bubble Bubble...
The Best Facial Anywhere!
More of the Hot Springs
Hot Spring Plateau
Smells All Nice and Flowery!
Geyser Near Old Faithful
Tons of People Waiting for Old Faithful
Old Faithful
More Old Faithful
Our Friend, Bison Bob
Bison Bob is HUGE!
Continental Divide
More Purty Flowers
Yellowstone Landscape
Lewis Lake
More Lewis Lake
Lewis Falls
More Lewis Falls
Lewis River (man, they really like their Lewis!)
Bear Falls
Bridge by Bear Falls
More Bear Falls
More Beautiful-osity
Mountains Are Cool
More Tyson
More Mountains
More Gorgeous Landscape
Brooding Tetons
More Tetons
Poor Lone House...
Gang at Bear Lake
Most Tyson
Bear Lake
Ev and Brody
Ev Cannonballs Brody...
But Brody’s Still Smiling!
Squirt Squirt
Amy and Kelton
More Amy and Kelton
Tyson and Ev
More Tyson and Ev
Most Tyson and Ev
Beach Fun
More Beach Fun
The Tent
Teri and Kelton
Jill and Teagan
Wondering if the Old 99 Will Start...
Jill and Kelton
Granny on the Waverunner
More Granny on the Waverunner
Beach Bums
Bear Lake Condos
Tyson & Ev
Amy & Scott
Kelton (he wants out)
Scott & Kelton Playing Frisbee
Gang at Play
Amy (aka “Wild Woman”)
Spencer Frisbee’ing
Scott Makes a Break For It
The Chillins
Ev’s a Ham
Tyson & Spence, the Ol’ Thumb Trick
Ev & Brody Attempt the Ol’ Thumb Trick